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As the Mom founders of Organic Krush, we wanted to take a moment to reemphasize our passion for something grand and ambitious: improving the health of families everywhere by improving the world of food.

When we learned years ago that our food system was wreaking havoc on children’s health, we felt a burning desire to do something about it. Pesticide levels had reached unprecedented rates and GMOs were prevalent everywhere, severely affecting gut health. Toxic air and water from pesticides and pollutants was injuring the lungs of our children. We felt there was only one way forward– open a craft ,organic, community-based restaurant that offered a truly healthy way to eat and drink.

So in 2015 that’s exactly what we did. The past 8 years have been wild, one we could have never anticipated with challenges that the restaurant industry had not experienced. We dug deeper, into our hearts (and bank accounts), to keep our business moving forward, to connect with more families, and to hire team members with like minded values.

We are committed to serve food that is life changing. From early on, many of our guests were determined to finally feel well despite being sick with chronic diseases, food allergies, or illnesses like cancer. They expressed that due to our organic commitment and our ‘customized to you’ style of cooking, we were the only place they could eat out. Until just last month (April 2023)we had not changed our menu prices in more than 2 years, meaning we absorbed every ounce of inflation.

It was our way to contribute to the health of our communities. This year we truly had no choice but to increase prices (about 5% across the menu, while globally food price increases are up between 20-50%); We debated reducing portions, sacrificing cold pressed juice offerings and reducing many menu items due to ingredient costs. But, that is not the answer when we are staying committed to the mission. As owners, we are fortunate to be in a place in which we can continue to go without a salary, as well as absorb some of the fixed costs. We pay our very talented staff well deserved wages, health insurance, daily meal, PTO, college scholarships and contribute to a work environment that is positively focused on mental and physical health. Ask our team about our weekly newsletters, giveaways, and professional development plans. We have the most amazing crew, and we LOVE coming to work everyday to develop our teams and strengthen the bond between food and health.

We thought it could be helpful to hear about our future plans. While we used to dream of opening countless eateries across the country, we are now focused on taking care of our existing restaurants. We are determined to stabilize them in the face of inflation, a tough labor market, runaway food prices, expensive rents and high taxes. At the end of the day, we do sleep well, knowing that we take care of our staff, and we contribute food and juice to our communities that have the ability to change people’s lives.

We are buckled down for the uncertain road ahead, while reflecting on our past and still dreaming of a very healthy future. In the last 8 years our children have graduated grammar school, accomplished high school, and we now have college graduates. Our kids have watched us take on pandemics, aid our employees’ personal lives, sacrifice time, money and ourselves, while continuing to be a solid voice in the world about sticking to a value system of trust and transparency. As our grown children now begin to enter the workforce we realize, we wouldn’t change any of it, because we are pretty sure we’ve given them the inspiration to always fight for, and work hard for, the things you believe in.

This Mother’s day of 2023, we reflect and take time to take care of our mental and physical health, so we can continue to give our talent, time, resources and LOVE to all those who wish to be a part of this organic movement to change the world.

Be a part of the change you wish to see in the world. For us, it will always be about food contributing to~ never hurting or harming~ the health of farmers, our guests, and children everywhere.

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