Virtual Summer Cleanse with Yogi Karen Dillon

You’ll never believe it! We found a yogi teacher who will do your 3 day cleanse for you.  She’ll do the work and you’ll get the benefits. Sound to good to be true?

Ha! We are slightly exaggerating, but the incredible news is that we have been working with a yogi, Karen Dillon, for several years now, and she teaches such an approachable style of yoga: it makes us feel amazing, flexible and energized! This summer she is offering to lead a virtual cleanse retreat: July 28th, 29th, and 30th. Organic Krush will provide the 3 days of organic food and cold pressed juice, and Karen will provide the daily yoga practice that aids in detox and rejuvenation.

In all seriousness, it almost IS too good to be true!!! From your home, you can comfortably do a cleanse that includes BOTH food and juice, and at the same time, get a daily assist in a yoga practice that has meaningful results for your physical health and mental well being.

Who is up for it?! 3 days to reboot and refresh in the most supportive of ways!

What issues are you dealing with in regards to food and healthy habits this summer? What I’m dealing with may be different than what you are dealing with, but for ALL of us, healthy habits center around access to clean nourishment AND daily habits that add to a lifetime of well being. I repeat a vegan cleanse 4x per year (with the change of seasons), as it allows my detoxing to be consistent and effective.

We highly recommend joining this journey! Hundreds of people have done so in the past (with Karen as their guide) and their results have been amazing (weight loss, glowing skin, permanent improved eating habits, etc).

Here’s what one of her repeat clients has to say:

I had the great opportunity to join Karen’s cleanse during the summer of 2018. Her thoughtful approach was truly what made this experience more than what you would expect from “a cleanse”. She carefully planned 3 days of wellness for us in which we received a whole body, mind and spirit reboot. She beautifully wove the theme of “shedding” throughout our time together. She encouraged us beyond the vegan foods and drinks with thoughtful homework exercises and group reflections that cleansed us throughout. The yoga sessions were also nicely arranged to restore our bodies with gentle movements. Karen’s caring approach truly made this cleanse a great experience that lasted well beyond the short time we shared together.

If you are interested, here’s what needs to happen:

  1. Email and sign up by providing your phone # and full name and any allergies.
  2. Provide payment for $270 via a phone call with Lena or Michelle (we will call you at your preferred time)
  3. Schedule your pick up at one of our 6 Organic Krush locations on Monday July 27th (5-7pm evening) or Tuesday morning, July 28th (9am or later). The cleanse begins on Tuesday July 28th, so plan to carve out 3 days of taking care of YOU!

We are here to support, let us know how we can help!

Karen and Michelle

Karen leading classes at the beach

Michelle cooking up a cleanse meal

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