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We’re Amazed Every Day by This Idea

Blog post text over photo of special at Organic Krush
We are inspired every single day by the idea that FOOD HEALS. So many people are living with gut discomfort, which then can lead to many other issues.

For example, did you know that taking Prilosec for extended periods of time is now associated with dementia?

When we came across this MindBodyGreen podcast the other day, we felt inclined to share this most current edge information about how our everyday choices have a GIANT impact on our health. Dr Steven Gundry shares such fascinating information on foods and chemicals that are destroying our gut and leading to things like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, leaky gut, exhaustion, and inflammation. We appreciate knowing that there are things we can remove from our diet like GMOs, glyphosate, and antacids for example, to begin dramatically improving our health. 

Blog post text over photo of special at Organic Krush
Blog post text over photo of special at Organic Krush
A few highlights from the podcast: 
1. Broad spectrum antibiotics are very damaging to the gut microbiome.
2. Glyphosate (Round-Up) is a chemical that is sprayed on conventional wheat and many crops (canola, oats) right before harvest, and it is incredibly damaging to us (and our soil) because it kills all of our good gut bacteria often leading to leaky gut.
3. Leaky gut is when there are breaks in your intestinal lining.
4. Prilosec type drugs are causing major damage in the heart and brain. If you fix your gut, you won’t need these pills.
5. A high fiber diet made of real fiber containing foods majorly helps your gut!

This podcast is really worth a listen. The best part about this information is you can start right away making slow and steady changes around cleaning up your diet (and removing products loaded with chemicals like cleaning agents, laundry detergent and plastics). Squeeze in organic for the foods you eat the most of so you are not “eating” glyphosate. This will have an incredibly fast effect on fixing your gut and improving your health.

Towards Great Health,
Fran and Michelle

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