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We’re Feeling The Winter Blues Too

You know that feeling you get when it has been cold, gray and dreary for weeks? A little less jump in the step, an extra cup of coffee or two a day, maybe you’re lacking motivation to stick to goals you set a month back.

If you’re feeling any or all of the above, we get it and we are right there with you. If hibernating and pushing through for the next couple of months is your thing, go for it! If you could use a little something to get out of the Winter Blues, start with this: hydration. Are you drinking enough water during the day to allow your body and mind to function at its best? Yes, just a small change like increasing your water intake can have a monumental difference on how you feel. Think less grogginess, headaches and dry skin! Try flavoring your water with a squeeze of citrus, and a shake of cinnamon or cardamom spices to transport you to somewhere tropical. 

Another way to kickstart the journey to feeling good is through flooding your body with vitamins and nutrients for 3 days through a cleanse (science shows that the cells in your gut replace themselves every three days). Eating light, bright, powerful foods will make you feel like the food itself, just hear from a fellow recent cleanser below:

“I felt hydrated, my mind felt clear, I gained focus, and I had more energy. I can’t wait for my next cleanse!” – Rachel C. 

Ready to not let March take us by storm too?

Learn about the cleanses we offer here, and if you are interested in trying to do a cleanse at-home, we have an awesome guide here

To Feeling Amazing,
Fran, Michelle & The OK Team

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