We’re giving a percentage of proceeds to Bethany House!

Organic Krush & Bethany House

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Dear Krush Loyalists!

Several months back one of our restaurant managers, Alexandra, started doing spontaneous food drop-offs at local women’s shelters, where the homes had reached full capacity due to the severe increase in domestic violence during the stay at home orders. The shelters were in dire need of resources and Alexandra believed Organic Krush could be helpful in this small way. When she shared with us what she was doing after her shifts each week, we were so touched by her initiative and her dedication.

As a women-owned food business this hit home in a very meaningful way. Women taking care of women, women supporting women. How truly unacceptable that there are women and children living in fear, and without enough food to carry them through a terrible time. In a world where we can often feel helpless about how to make a meaningful difference, Alexandra showed us a simple action – sharing food with those in need – can create a sense of security for others.

So began our commitment to Bethany House, an incredible organization that focuses on a multifaceted approach to taking care of women and children, while at the same time helping them gather the resources they need to obtain self sufficiency. In our work with them these last few months we have found this to be a very special group of people, both the leaders and the women who live within the homes around Long Island. We love that Bethany House has created a program that helps break the dependency pattern to create lives of independence, education and community involvement.

We see an opportunity to use our food, which we always serve with love, to make a meaningful impact. So how do we continue to make this an even more meaningful initiative?

Part 1: We have partnered with a Long Island grocery chain (announcement coming soon!) who has been and will continue to make significant contributions to the needs of these shelters.

Part 2: Organic Krush has dedicated our gourmet-to-go division of our business towards raising money, which then will be donated via weekly gift cards for the shelters to use for their weekly food needs.

Part 3: Where do our amazing guests fit in? For every purchase of gourmet-to-go that you make, we will donate 15% of those sales directly to Bethany House. Healthy meals on the go were created by Organic Krush for the purpose of fueling yourself with nutritious food while on the run. This is the type of fuel the women of the world need to do all the things required of them in a day…care for children, work our jobs, take care of ourselves to be able to be strong for others.

Will you join us? Our flavorful, nutrient dense, delicious gourmet-to-go items are available daily. Kale and quinoa salads, coconut yogurts, grilled organic proteins like chicken and steak, roasted vegetables, a new veggie burger, and more! We can’t say enough about how easy these meals will make your beach, pool, backyard, boating, picnicking excursions! Maybe one day we’ll even make a branded cooler bag that will allow you to pack your goodies in an Organic Krush styled way :)!

Plus from a health standpoint, we can’t say enough about packing yourself up with healthy food on the go. It sets you up for achieving your wellness goals, instead of becoming so hungry that you dive into a grilled cheese & french fry combo.

We know we are fortunate to not have food security needs and to think that other women and children are not as fortunate is too heartbreaking for words. But let actions speak louder than words. Thank you Alexandra for taking the first steps. Now we all join with you to multiply the effect of your thoughtfulness.

Fran and Michelle

15% of sales from all gourmet-to-go items will go directly to Bethany House!