We’re Officially a Certified Ocean Friendly Restaurant!

We have something exciting to share. Last week we earned our platinum level Ocean Friendly Restaurant certification from the Surf Rider Foundation. This means that we met the criteria that demonstrates our commitment to the earth and the oceans to be as least burdensome as possible!!!

Since the day we opened our doors we have focused on these principles and it feels incredibly rewarding to be recognized by such a forward thinking organization as Surf Rider Foundation. Plastic in our oceans and on our beaches is a HUGE problem for both environmental and health reasons. Have you ever heard about the 5 plastic “stews” circulating in our world’s oceans? These are made up of remnants of plastic nurdles that will never decompose, and instead will be absorbed by marine life, and then consumed by humans. Mind-blowingly depressing.

The English Cambridge Dictionary explains Nurdles, also known as mermaids’ tears, as plastic pellets typically under five millimeters in diameter, and consider them a major contributor to marine debris. (How’s that for a homeschool fact? Kids love learning about mermaids’ tears and feel even more compelled than adults to make changes to their plastic use.)

Since Organic Krush has known about nurdles for years, we committed to minimal plastic in our restaurants upon the conception of our business. Here are examples of how we prioritize the earth and the oceans on a daily basis:

  • For our cold pressed juices and shots, we use glass bottles instead of the plastic
  • We use compostable cutlery and to-go containers
  • We use paper coffee cups (never ever styrofoam, which is awful because your hot coffee actually melts the styrofoam and then you drink those chemicals)
  • We use compostable straws
  • We use brown paper to-go bags, never plastic
  • We use reusable plates and bowls for dining in

We share this information in hopes that more and more restaurants will be inspired to switch to these safer measures for our oceans. We can all agree that a day at the beach is one of the most restorative practices and peaceful moments we have in life. For this effort to be successful, it can’t just be Organic Krush taking these steps. We all bear the responsibility to make changes in our homes and schools and workplaces. For even more insightful tidbits and practices, I love this organization too, Grassroots Environmental Education, as they offer simple steps to making lifestyle changes.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Ocean Friendly Restaurant group and will do our part always to contribute to a balanced ecosystem, in which we give more than we take from our precious resources!

Cheers to Organic Sustainable Living! 
Fran and Michelle