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What are the Benefits of Cold Press Juice?

One of the elements of our Organic Krush business that we are extremely proud of is our cold -press juicing; when we first opened our doors in May of 2015, we had no idea if our community would love to drink green juices as much as we did; but we thought, hey, it’s an aspect of healthy living that isn’t easy to find here on Long Island, so let’s give it try. Within weeks, we realized we weren’t the only ones loving our daily hefty dose of powerful nutrients; customers were purchasing our juices by the 6-pack;

What is that we love about cold-press juice?

First, a quick education on what it means to “cold-pressed”:

Cold pressing vegetables and fruits is a style of juicing that use a special piece of equipment (we use the x-1 juicer by GoodNature) that allows whole pieces of produce to be “krushed” into liquid while minimizing nutrient destruction because there is no heat (pasteurization). We use 25 pounds of vegetables per batch of juice. This allows us to produce bottles of what we refer to as “liquid gold” .. each 14oz. glass bottle we sell has 1.5 pounds of vegetables in it! Can you just imagine the incredible nutrient load? Can you picture just how much ORGANIC produce that is, streaming through your bloodstream, being absorbed by your cells, so they can function at their best?

How long does a cold-pressed juice last for?

From the time we press, we give our juices a 4-day shelf life; in the process of cold press juicing very few nutrients and bacteria are destroyed. The drinks stay at their prime state for drinking for 4 days and then after that, due to bacteria, the juice will start to fizz (ferment), thus not tasting ideal to drink. Many juice companies use high speed, high heat, pasteurization (HPP) to allow their juices to be shelf stable for 30-45 days. While a longer shelf life is enviable, the pasteurization kills off too many of the good bacteria. Those juices don’t contain as many powerful fresh, living, energizing nutrients as cold press, unpasteurized juice does.

Why do we use glass bottles?

We are huge fans of glass because it is the healthiest drinking container. Plastic scares us due to its toxicity and instability and equally upsetting is the damage that plastic causes to the environment. Plastic never decomposes, therefore, leaving behind much landfill waste and trash in the oceans. With our glass bottles, not only do they feel great in-hand, they can be run through your dishwasher and re-used again and again! I tend to fill them with water and lemon or apple cider vinegar and stock a bunch of them in my fridge at a time. So convenient when I’m running out the door, late for work

How many cold press juices to drink in a day?

“One green juice a day” is a mantra around Organic Krush. As a group, we notice we feel healthiest with that daily dose of greens; the hydration, the nutrients, the natural energy that juice gives us… we thrive on the purity and the density of those nutrients that we are bringing into our guts and bloodstream! When we juice cleanse or lifestyle cleanses we incorporate 3-6 juices/day. This feels amazing too. Often we save cleanses for Fall and Spring when the body needs a break from overindulgences. At these times of the year, detoxing by using organic cold pressed juices is a welcome change and helps us feel light and energized!

Does it matter if cold press juices are made with organic or conventional produce?

A HUGE yes to Organic produce ….always; when you take produce and condense it down to “liquid gold” the importance of organics cannot be overstated. If you use conventional fruit, you are drinking too many pesticides. The whole point of a cold-pressed juice is to nourish, NOT to burden your body with chemicals and pesticides. This is the main reason Organic Krush exists.. to offer our friends and family and community food and juice that does not contain pesticides and chemicals. We really believe that chemicals have no business existing in our foods and in our guts.

Our little love affair with cold-pressed juice goes something like this:

Cold-Pressed Juice
How do we love you? Let us count the ways…

  • Your deep bright colors fill us with an abundance of nutrients
  • Your Organic nature soothes our soul
  • Your variety of seasonal ingredients excites our imagination
  • Your hydrating essence satiates our desires
  • Your homemade goodness evokes love and happiness
  • You give us energy when we need it most
  • You calm our nerves after a frazzling day
~You fix our colds and flu when we are feeling run down
  • You make our healthy lifestyle complete

THE END ????