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What’s in Store for Fall 2020 at Organic Krush!

An Organic Krush App!

It’s not common for a restaurant that only has 6 units to develop their own App, but our excitement for technology and appreciation for simplicity has led us down this path sooner than expected! This early Fall 2020 we will launch our very own Organic Krush app that can be easily downloaded to your phone and synced with your current loyalty rewards number. Why do we love this? The app keeps track of your previous orders, and in a very organized fashion lets you plan, modify and order your food for either delivery, pick up or dine-in! It also has a pretty design for keeping track of your loyalty points and allows us to reward you more frequently! It’s super fun for us to honor our customers with freebies, discounts, and birthday coupons, so we do cartwheels with excitement knowing that very soon this OK App will make it easy to do so! 

Meal Plans

While we are already known for our vegan meal plan (this past week 75 people ordered their very own 3 day meal kit), but now we are working closely with fitness and nutritional experts to design multifaceted, solution-oriented plans that will suit a whole array of needs, diets and preferences. It’s not only current life that has made meal planning challenging, it’s also the fact that life moves at a fast pace and it’s often impossible to stay on track with health goals. We plan to make that very simple, affordable, and absolutely delicious! Think: Moroccan chicken perfectly portioned, Mediterranean salads perfectly balanced, and soups and chilis that deeply satisfy yet don’t disrupt your dietary plans. 

Boxed Lunches for Office Catering & More

Our mission has always been to serve delicious, crowd-pleasing food that makes everyone feel amazing. Created by excellent chefs, our food uses only organic ingredients, so helping busy people feel great has made this mission very easy to accomplish! Now, all of our catering can be ordered as boxed lunch style meals so offices and hospitals can still take care of their people while maintaining safe protocol and social distance etiquette! We can guarantee you that the boxed Austin Chicken Wrap tastes just as delicious in this new format as it does when it comes hot off our grill! We have so many options and our new Catering and Event Manager, Jessica Vargas, would be happy to work with you to craft any catering program that suits your needs! She can be reached at or 631-759-9536.

What's in Store for Fall 2020 at Organic Krush!

It’s an understatement to say we enjoy the unique projects that come along in the hospitality industry! We truly relish the challenges, the advances, the problem-solving that allows us to continue to be a rewarding part of your day! 

If you have a moment, shoot us a note back, and let us know which of these projects excites you the most!

Fran and Michelle 

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