Where Do I Start on The Journey To Health

When you are looking to be healthy, it’s often confusing to know which advice to listen to and which plan to follow. It can be really challenging to know how to fit all the healthy ideas that circulate into your life. At Krush, this is probably the question we get asked most often: Where do I start when I want to feel good?


There are 3 words in health that best summarize the journey:

Hydration, Fiber, Fats

1 – Hydration: Our cells need hydration in order to thrive; Our cells need to be plumped up with hydration to do what they do best, which is to help your organs and systems function. YOU are the only one who can control the amount of water and fluids you take in. Some of our favorite choices: filtered water, lemon water, herbal teas, bone broths, homemade seltzers (I’m not a huge fan of all those aluminum can seltzers…to me, aluminum shouldn’t be a regular part of our drinking and eating).

My #1 tip for securing enough hydration in the day is to start the day off with 2 large glasses of room temperature water. Room temperature is important because otherwise cold water shocks your digestive organs and affects their effectiveness. My #2 tip for hydration is to drink another large room temperature glass 30 minutes before each meal. Of course carrying a water bottle (never plastic!!) around with you throughout the day is always a good idea! Adding some lemon or other fresh fruit or herbs, like mint or basil, adds a really nice touch!

2 – Fiber: I can’t say enough about the importance of this element of food; there are two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble; Soluble fiber comes from foods that expand in water, like chia seeds, oats, beans or flax seeds; Insoluble fiber adds bulk to digestive tract and moves things along; foods like kale, broccoli, potatoes, or apples; both types of fiber are necessary! It’s so easy to add these foods in when you divide your day in segments: for breakfast, a fried egg with our sauteed kale detox salad, for lunch, roasted veggies with grilled organic steak, for dinner, a bone broth soup with quinoa and sweet potatoes, celery and zucchini! Top it off with a chia pudding and organic blueberries for dessert and you’re good to go! Here are some more great breakfast ideas, and our instagram page is filled with tons of other veggie based bowls that are perfect for lunch and dinner!

3 – Healthy Fats: If you grew up in the 80’s as I did, fats weren’t “allowed” because unfounded nutrition advice said fat will make you fat; This couldn’t be further from the truth. Healthy fats do brilliant things for your gut and brain, and now is the time to concentrate on adding this awesome food group into your life. Proper healthy fats soothe your gut lining and enhance brain function. I will start with Olive Oil, this simple incredible oil should always be organic, cold pressed, and extra virgin. All these good qualities matter because the least amount of disruption should happen to the olives when they are being processed. I also look for olive oil from a single source, such as Greece, or Morocco, or Italy that way the sourcing doesn’t contain olives from untraceable sources. I love MCT oil and coconut oil, ( I add to my Bulletproof coffee every morning) as well as nuts and seeds (in small handful sized amounts) that haven’t been roasted or salted. Healthy fish, like sustainable salmon, grass-fed steak, avocados (1/2-1 a day is plenty), and pasture-raised eggs add such great gut healing properties into you life.

These 3 words: hydration, fiber, healthy fats are key components of every day! And if you eat like this day after day, it adds up to great health!

We find it’s not hard to eat like this the majority of the time. But when we do go off the rails, we like to jumpstart ourselves with the most effective of meal plans: Our 3 day Vegan Detox Meal Plan consists of 3 meals per day, with hydrating cold pressed juices, and a small high fiber snack. It’s amazing how quickly it gets us back on track, emotionally and physically; most people who do this cleanse lose 5-7 pounds, and feel a renewed sense of commitment to their daily choices. When you know what you are doing, healthy is not hard or confusing AND this is what inspires us at Organic Krush. We wish for health to come easily to all!!

I truly believe you / we have the ability to control our health. It’s simple choices every day that add up to a lifetime of wellness. You’ve totally got this!!!

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter which will address the 3 main principles that guide you along the way every single day of the health journey!