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Why We Krush on Seasonal Eating

Farm stands are abundant right now! We are so excited by the gorgeous colors of summer’s harvest and we feel immense gratitude to the farmers that devote their lives to growing these beautiful nourishing crops. To us, when we see the amount of color displayed in those fruits, veggies and herbs, it represents nutrients and minerals that will power our health. The more organic diversity we eat, the better our health because we are gifting ourselves the unique properties that come from each individual plant.

Here’s what we are eating this Labor Day Weekend (and the weeks beyond) to catapult our health and satisfy our taste buds!

1 – Basil
We’ve explained the adaptogenic properties of basil in this video. We want to reinforce the power of this herb to not only improve the taste of almost every summer dish, but also remind you that the properties of basil help your mind and body feel calm. When you are at the grocery store or farm stand this weekend, grab a few bunches, knowing you can sliver them up for basil ribbons in salads, put together an easy pesto to go with anything coming off the grill, or throw a handful into your morning smoothie!

2 – Peaches
We only eat organic when it comes to peaches because that thin skin absorbs any pesticide sprayed on it. Peaches are high in vitamin A, which contributes to great eyesight as well as strong immune systems. We highly recommend all fruit and veggies with that orange/yellow color for high levels of vitamin A as autumn approaches. At Krush, we grill our peaches for our Monday special. Have you ever tried grilling a peach? Makes for an awesome dessert too! Brush your grill with olive oil, lay halved peaches face down on grill, and after a few minutes, voila, you have delectable peaches to pair with your vanilla bean ice cream!

3 – Peppers
It’s the capsaicin – a chemical in the part of the pepper that holds the seeds – that we really treasure! It’s known for its immune boosting, metabolism boosting, anti-viral abilities. What we love about hot peppers is that you can sneak them into almost any dish, to varying degrees based on your spice preference. We add peppers to: gaucamole, soups, homemade slaws, coconut curry, and our new Krush Noodle Salad.

4 – Tomatoes
We have a slight obsession with garden tomatoes, there is truly no comparison to the winter versions on grocery store shelves. The sweet, hydrating, bright flavors of a tomato serve an incredible health purpose: they add balance to your gut, hydration to your cells, and acidity to your tastebuds, thereby completing meals in both nutritional and flavor profiles. The most recent homemade salad we are krushing on: Cubed tomatoes, cubed cucumbers, chunks of feta, ribbons of basil, red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt & cracked pepper. Perfect side dish to just about anything coming off the grill!

5 – Watermelon
Just like those bright red tomatoes, bright pink watermelon has nutrients that work hard inside your body to assist in great health. According to WebMD, watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline that may help move blood through your body and can lower your blood pressure. We also love that the lycopene in watermelon helps protect your heart, and the beta-cryptoxanthin helps reduce inflammation, making you less prone to aches from arthritis or exercise. Watermelon is crazy hydrating which is something we really need at this time of year, and it also helps crowd out sugar cravings because it substitutes as an incredibly effective sweet tooth pleaser. What do we do with watermelon? We remove the rind, chunk into wedges or cubes and leave it on the table for consuming all day long! Side note: because melons digest so quickly, we like to eat them on an empty stomach so that the watermelon nutrients can be isolated and therefore more effective.

We feel there’s no better way to boost your health and set yourself on a lifelong path to wellness than with filling yourself with organic fruits and vegetables!

With Gratitude to Organic Farmers & Wishes for Abundant Health!
Fran and Michelle

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