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Your Cleanse & Hydration Questions Answered!

Hello Krush Enthusiasts! 

Yesterday, we received two inquisitive phone calls to our cleanse hotline: How do I do a cleanse that actually has lasting effects on my life? AND I know I should be drinking more water, but I can’t find a way, any suggestions?. GREAT questions! 

Let’s tackle question #1

It’s important to state your personal goal when cleansing: Is it a kick off for weight loss? Is it to boost your energy? Is it to learn proper hydration or a new way to eat? 

We should be drinking on a daily basis our body weight in healthy liquids. So if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 150oz of fluids. On our juice cleanse we send you home with nearly 100oz of cold press juice, so by drinking these drinks, and adding in water upon rising and throughout the day, you are getting a very impactful amount of hydration. You will be amazed how that makes you feel. Our customers tell us they feel very different once they learn this life long strategy.

On our vegan cleanse, we provide 3 high fiber, high nutrition meals, plus cold pressed juices, which will make you buzz with energy. Again, our customers tell us they feel so relieved to be launching a pattern of eating that is sustainable and impactful. 

Karen, a yogi and friend, leads a seasonal cleanse with Krush, in which she guides detoxing with daily meditation and incredible zoom yoga classes. The impact is lasting because feeling good creates more feeling good. You start to crave the nourishment and patterns of healthy eating. Plus it’s so nice to have a teacher during a time when you’re practicing new habits. The reason we detox 4 times a year is that we love how it makes us feel to transition with the seasons. Your body actually wants to reset 4 times a year and the cleanses enhance this process, encouraging your cells to turnover and be their best selves! Karen is hosting a pre Holiday reset cleanse November 10-12th! To make it easy, sign up through the link below and mention Karen in the comments or email

From one of the participants in the Karen + Krush cleanse this summer
“For me, the cleanse made me realize that, perhaps, I am not nourishing by body enough. I was not tired and I was much more full of energy during the cleanse than I typically am. I am usually really tired late afternoon and famished by dinner. I wasn’t tired nor hungry at anytime of day. I slept well and didn’t feel I needed my mid-afternoon caffeine boost. While I already eat healthy, I realized maybe I am not eating enough. So, the cleanse was enlightening physically and nutritionally.”

To tackle our second question, how to hydrate throughout the day – head to our blog post here for our hydration tips! 

It truly excites us to see our guests in all stages of their journey to healthy living! We can’t wait to hear how hydration and cleanses inspire you!

Towards Great Health!
Fran and Michelle 

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