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Every day, for years and years, I start my day with two large glasses of water! When we sleep at night, we exhale the water in our cells. This makes our cells shrivel and shrink up. Essentially we wake up dehydrated and our body is not in an optimum state to power through a day. Start your day with a commitment to 2 glasses of filtered water, and add a sprinkle (1/16th of a teaspoon) of sea salt to each. The high-quality sea salt such as Celtic Sea Salt or perhaps a local variety near you (we love Amagansett sea salt), acts as electrolytes do, forcing the water you drink into your cells, truly hydrating you. We absolutely love the flavor that sea salt adds to our dishes, and now you can feel great about sprinkling it into your water for up leveled health! The water shouldn’t taste salty, but perhaps a bit softer; try it and you’ll see what I mean!

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