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Fall is the perfect time to talk about cleansing, as we all recover from summer indulgences and overdoing it may be just a touch at backyard BBQs.  First, a little background on cleanses in general…

There is no shortage of detoxifiers and body “purifiers” on the market. When Beyoncé made her version of The Master Cleanse famous (almost 10 years ago now!) it paved the way for a myriad of other cleanses that tout many of the same benefits: rapid weight loss, more energy, better skin, headache relief, and a flatter tummy (to name just a few). The catch to many over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all cleanses is that they are not sustainable for any length of time or healthy long-term. But, don’t worry…at Organic Krush our cleanses are created to fit what works best for you. We offer juice cleanses (all fresh, organic, cold-pressed and bottled on site), lifestyle cleanses (which consist of whole food meals that are naturally gluten and dairy free) and launching soon, our Cold Weather Bone Warming Soup Cleanse! Our in-house nutrition expert is also available to customize your perfect cleanse and speak with you about your goals, dietary restrictions, and give you the inside scoop on what to expect and how to make these changes sustainable for the long haul.

The worst part of doing a cleanse can often be the prohibitive thoughts leading up to it (Isn’t that true of almost anything you are worried about?). If these sound familiar, keep reading!

  • “It’s going to suck to give up coffee.”
  • “I’m going to feel so tired.”
  • “My kids and husband will detest me.”
  • “I’m going to have to say no to ladies night.”
  • “I’m going to have a headache, be in the bathroom, can’t drink….” the list goes on and on.

Instead of filling yourself with angst, try flipping your inner script and get excited about using the time to take good care of your body from the inside. After all, aside from giving your digestive system a break and allowing your body to reset, it is also a good recharge for your mind and spirit! Remember: your overall goal is to break some bad habits, and set yourself on a path to greater health that you can easily sustain. No 3-day cleanse can change your entire life. However, cleanses can serve as entry points and launching pads for you to gain a greater awareness of what makes you feel good, provide positivity, clearer thinking, greater stamina, and all of those other things we mentioned earlier like more energy, better sleep, less bloating, and more. So, if you are thinking of doing a cleanse with us, here are our top tips for a smooth transition.



Emotional and Mental Shifts Pre-Cleanse

  • Start to speak to yourself kindly about positive changes and the small steps you can take to make your physical and emotional health better.
  • At the beginning of each month, print a blank calendar. Fill in each day with something you can do to make yourself feel healthier (see our calendar at left) These items don’t need to be over the top or time consuming; they are just meant to shift your perspective and fill your soul. Maybe you need to schedule a time to chat with a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. That connection can lead to feeling healthier from the inside. Thirty days in a row of self-care is powerful stuff and can lead to great positive shifts and even a lifelong commitment to a healthier you!
  • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night; shut down technology at least an hour before bed.
  • Get fresh air and vitamin D daily by taking a brisk walk.
  • Find cleanse inspiration and motivation by reading a good book on the subject. Our favorites include The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose and Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger. Also, this short clip from Dr. Frank Lipman is extremely helpful in deciding if a cleanse is right for you: and-when-you-shouldnt.html.

Dietary Shifts Pre-Cleanse

  • Commit to no caffeine after 12 pm each day. Studies show that caffeine impacts your brain and will disrupt nighttime sleep patterns. Crystal, a health coach at Krush explains, “Caffeine is like a credit card. Every time you use it, you have to pay up at some point.”
  • Start adding in little things such as 1 large glass of warm lemon water upon awakening, 1 raw meal a day (our Raw Chop Salad with apple cider vinegar is stupendously crunchy and delectable), 1 glass with of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and lemon to alkalize your system.
  • Consume all meals within a 12-hour period so your body has 12 hours to completly work on digestion.
  • Chew slowly; have you ever tried counting your chews? Try to chew your mouthful 30 times! You may notice it decrease appetite because you feel more satiated.
  • Drink one green juice per day to hydrates, alkalize, and add raw, living nutrients into your system.
  • Take a probiotic daily.
  • Increase healthy fats in your diet such as avocado and vegetables sautéed in coconut oil or ghee. Snack on cashews and almonds.
  • Add a bountiful mix of green vegetables into your diet by aiming for some with each meal. For breakfast, toss spinach into a smoothie or sautee with sweet potatoes, onion, and an apple and top with a fried egg (our famous Sweet Potato Hash!) For lunch, try sauteeing kale, zucchini, basil, cashews, and salmon. At dinner select or whip up a big salad or a quinoa bowl with dried fruit, sunflower seeds, shredded cabbage, carrots, and beets.

Coming Clean

All of these simple pre-cleansing tips also serve as post-cleanse tips AND can easily become part of a daily routine; the long-term benefits of eating well far outweigh any short-term cleanse. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants—fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—can actually help you achieve similar cleansing results. Organic Krush owner (and avid cleanser) Michelle says, “When the 3 or 5 days of cleansing ends, I slowly go back to my patterns beforehand…lots of healthy delicious fats, boatloads of green vegetables, chewing slowly, lemon water, no caffeine after 12 pm.” Thus, a healthful pattern starts to appear. Still, when you have had a little too much sugar, rose, or just feel your immune system needing a boost, you will be armed and ready to pre-cleanse and cleanse! We love to reboot at least four times a year (or seasonally).

Following our tips will make a 3, 4, or 5 days reset feel far less intimidating. Just concentrate on eating or drinking slowly and consciously. Also, deprivation and suffering is never the point! If you want a cup of black coffee because you need it or love it, then have it. If you are still hungry, have something but make it clean and nutrient dense (see our healthy fats section above).

If you are interested in doing a cleanse with us, simply email or call 516.224.4423. Be sure to stay in touch during or after your cleanse–let us know how you are feeling (hopefully filled with light and energy!).  We have health coaches available and lots of tips to guide you on your own personal health journey!

P.S. As a side note, there will always be toxins in your liver or kidneys, simply because there are toxins in the air we breathe and what we consume. So, how can you help your liver and kidneys do their job better? Select high-quality foods to put in your body (organic, non-gmo whenever possible), be mindful of the lotions, shampoo, sunscreen, makeup, deodorant, etc. you put ON your body, and limit your exposure to environmental toxins such as BPA.

Be especially aware of the following: 

• artificial sweeteners

• preservatives (nitrites, sulfites)

• pesticides, hormones, antibiotics,

• mystery ingredients

• chemical additives (color enhancers)

• synthetic vitamins or minerals

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