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“It’s a feeling of lightness that comes from eating food that is not burdened with toxins and harmful ingredients. it’s a place of positivity and well-being; it’s a summary of how a vibe makes you feel, and it’s always been the underlying goal of our business to make you feel light in a world filled with a lot of heaviness.”

I’ve always wanted a place to share a routine that you could jump on at a moment’s notice, the day you decide, enough is enough, ‘I wish to feel great, starting now’. My plan is to use this blog to provide you with practical, DIY tips that support your wish! Our environment and our daily stressors make it challenging to feel great, but that doesn’t make it impossible, it just requires a little knowledge and a little patience! 

Tip #1: The Back to School Fruit Bowl

I’ve been craving getting back on a routine, which is ultimately a great way to assist yourself and your family in being truly healthy! Our bodies like patterns and routines so they can know how to digest, sleep, and function at their greatest potential. I love the fruit bowl as a symbolic and practical way to kick off a healthy routine. I myself will grab an apple a day when it’s out in front of me, and my kids devour bananas, peaches, plums, clementines, and kiwi (did you know kiwi is higher in vitamin C than an orange?) That’s an awesome way to boost immunity as they head back into the classrooms! I do all organic fruit since we are eating the skin on most fruits! 

5 favorite ways to incorporate fruit into your (and your kids!) lifestyles:

  • Squeeze oranges in marinades for a flavor and antioxidant boost! 
  • Lemons and limes are perfect for adding great flavor and added nutrients to water. My family also loves to add on tacos! 
  • Instead of store-bought muffins filled with seed oils, opt for homemade chocolate chip banana muffins (stay tuned for the recipe!) 
  • A kiwi after sports practice can provide a boost of vitamin C and energy before homework time
  • Cut up an apple and add some peanut butter for a quick, protein-packed after-school snack

Here’s to kicking off a fantastic healthy routine! You can also find more health tips on our social media @organickrush

With love and gratitude xo!, 

Michelle, Co-founder and CEO

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